ASPIRE Featured Measure: NMB 01

  • Nirav Shah
  • Meridith Bailey


ASPIRE (Anesthesiology Performance Improvement and Reporting Exchange) is a national anesthesia quality improvement collaborative that includes 21 hospitals across Michigan. Michigan hospitals are a core component of ASPIRE and make up almost half of all participating sites.  We are pleased to share our 2nd featured measure article, as part of our ongoing collaboration with the MSA and MJAQS.


An important focus for ASPIRE over the last 2 years has been reducing respiratory complications among patients undergoing general anesthesia with mechanical ventilation.  ASPIRE has built 4 measures that, collectively can track processes of care that reduce perioperative pulmonary complications.  These measures are:


  1. Maintaining tidal volumes at ≤ 8cc/kg ideal body weight (PUL 02)
  2. Maintaining positive end expiratory pressure (PUL 03)
  3. Appropriate neuromuscular monitoring (NMB 01)
  4. Appropriate neuromuscular blockade reversal (NMB 02)


In this issue, we discuss information and performance for our neuromuscular monitoring measure.